About St. Helene

Our Introduction to St. Helene (Santa Elena), Honduras

In March 2014, a playground was installed in St. Helene by Rotary Clubs from Canada and Roatan. During discussions between the Rotary Club of Roatan and the Community of St. Helene, it was decided by the participating Rotary Clubs that they would investigate the possibility of adopting the Village of St. Helene. Adopting a Village in Rotary terms means working with the Village leaders to provide the needs identified by the Community, so as to improve the Quality of Life for each person. 

A Community Needs Assessment was completed by the Community of St. Helene, with assistance from the Rotary Club of Roatan. Based on the needs addressed in this document, and as a result of several meetings held in St. Helene and Roatan by the Rotary Clubs of Jasper, Glenora and Roatan in March of 2015, a verbal agreement was made to go forward on two fronts. The first the provision of water and the second the provision of English education. In early 2016, a Private donor provided matching funds for Rotary Grants, allowing the water and education initiatives to begin and so the Rotary Clubs will go forward with adopting the Village of St. Helene.

The goal is to fulfill St. Helene's vision to be an independent, self-governed Community with self-fulfilled residents.

About St. Helene

St. Helene (over the years also known as Santa Elena and Ste. Hellene) is a small English-speaking island, about four miles long and one mile wide, located 30 miles off the northern coast of mainland Honduras. It is separated from its nearest neighbor, Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands, by only a narrow canal, but twelve miles of ocean, dense jungles, and mangrove swamps isolate St. Helene from the rest of civilization.  

Community Vision

The Community Vision of St. Helene is:

"St. Helene will be an independent, self-governed Community with self-fulfilled residents."

This vision was created by members of the Community, and we will support their vision.

Where it all began...

St. Helene Playground build - 2014.

Gilmore Park Community League's joint playground build with Rotary International and the Emmanuel Foundation on Roatan, Honduras, 2014. 

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