All Children should have the right to an education

Existing 3 Room School

3 room school

  • Grades K - 9 are in the 3 room school, which is the only school.
  • The only water supply is rainwater.
  • It is an old building that is starting to fall apart.

School Foundation

Cracks in foundation

  • The foundation is starting to crack and fall apart.
  • The problem is that the cement is made with sand from the beach, which is full of salt.
  • While still usable for a while, this cannot be repaired.

Further Education

  • Grade 9 graduates, generally, cannot afford to continue their education in Roatan for Grades 10 - 12. 
  • They are then forced to find work wherever possible.

Old Kindergarten


  • The old Kindergarten is unfit for use.
  • The structure is starting to rot and fall apart.

A New Era

New school

  • In 2016 the old Kindergarten was demolished and a private donor is building a new school.
  • Kindergarten on the lower level.
  • Adult education on the top level.

Building Materials


  • All of the materials for the new building are transported by small boats to the island and unloaded by hand.
  • Picture a pallet of bricks, wood, etc. being unloaded by hand.

The Projects

Building of a New School

Old school outhouse

Did you know that you can build an 11 classroom school, with a home economics room, science lab, bathrooms and a septic system, using local labour and materials for $200,000 Canadian? 

Plans have been made and accepted for building the new school, to house Grades 1 to 12, and include having availability of water and electricity.

Help us meet our goal of $200,000!  Every donation received makes a difference.


Old classroom and desks

With the building of the new school, they will no longer have to learn outdoors under the trees, and, the most important thing about the new school, for the first time high school grades will be offered in the Community.

We are committed to completely furnishing the new school, and providing Classroom resources and technology.


Teachers apple and blackboard

Schools must have well trained teachers, we will provide teacher training and adult vocational training.

All Funds Donated Will Be Matched!

Canadian dollar donations can be accepted through the Gordon & Diane Buchanan Family Foundation PayPal account.

You will receive a tax receipt from the Foundation.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

US Dollar Donations can be accepted through Mission Encounters International


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