Water Challenges

Water Wells

  • Water wells problems:
    • The first water well they had collapsed one year after installation.
    • The second well has high concentrations of ferric iron and manganese, so it is not drinkable, and has recently collapsed. 
  • As there is no electricity right now, filtration and purification are very difficult

Electricity Shortage

  • The only electricity available to pump water is from 12V batteries and solar panels.
  • There is roughly only 12 hours of daylight per day to charge the batteries.
  • The existing pump needs to pump water up 200 ft. to the storage cisterns.
  • The pump is not powerful enough to fill the cisterns that provide water to the 300+ homes and 1400 citizens;

The Main Cistern

  • The main cistern can hold 5000 Gallons of water.
  • The tank is 290 ft. above sea level.
  • Gravity feeds water to community taps.
  • Manual valves control where the water is distributed.
  • The existing pump cannot fill this tank.

Overflow Cistern

  • There is an existing second 2500 Gallon cistern.
  • The tank is 250 ft. above sea level.
  • Gravity feeds water from the main cistern to the second cistern.  However, the second cistern is empty, because there is not enough water in the main cistern to feed to this one.
  • The inside of the tank is layered with iron oxide and needs extensive cleaning.

The Projects

  • Drilling 2 - 3 new wells this year
  • Upgrading cisterns and linking to established distribution systems
  • Water distribution to homes
  • Sanitation for the Community

You Can Make a Difference

Imagine going on a hike or simply sitting in your home and not having any to drink any water.

Potable water (drinking water) should not be a privilege.

Together, we can make a difference.

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